Surgical Oncology

If your doctor has told you that your diagnosis is cancer, you want to put your trust in experts in diagnosis and treatment of your disease. The Rogel Cancer Center at the University of Michigan is renowned for the highest level of care in diagnosis and treatment and management of cancer such as breast cancer, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, metastatic diseases to the liver and soft tissue sarcomas.

Experienced surgical teams who have performed thousands of procedures guide patients through the treatment options that are best suited to individual needs. Beginning early in the treatment planning process, nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and social workers are a part of the team supporting healing and quality of life. For many surgical patients, treatment plans may include chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy, or nutrition counseling to help prevent cancer growth, spread or recurrence. If a patient desires, a reconstructive surgeon can perform procedures to restore the body's appearance and function.

We treat patients with primary, advanced and recurrent disease in the following areas:

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