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Losing a breast to cancer can cause a number of emotional and physical effects for a woman. For many patients, surgical reconstruction can help restore some of what was lost during a mastectomy.  Breast reconstruction may help you to feel better about your body: you may feel more balanced and feminine. It may also help you to be able to wear more kinds of clothes with convenience and comfort. For some, it is helpful to remove the visual reminder of cancer that comes from having only one breast.  However, any type of reconstruction comes with risks and recovery. You may need more time away from work or normal activities. You could have more scars and there is potential for side effects. It can be difficult to know how the new breast will feel and if it will be worth the surgery. The outcome of a procedure may never allow you to feel "normal." You are the only one who can decide if the mental or emotional benefits of reconstruction outweigh the costs of surgery. The breast reconstruction specialty plastic surgeons at U-M encourage you to review all your options and to discuss your concerns with them during a consultation.

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