Bariatric Surgery Patient Resources

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Nutrition Resources

Mental Health Resources

Patients have access to a variety of mental health resources and toolkits through the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry and the Michigan Medicine Depression Center.

We also provide resources for eating disorder – specific therapists in the area.

Additional Considerations

  • Gallstones: Gallstones may develop during the first six months of rapid weight loss. Patients who still have a gallbladder will be prescribed Ursodiol® to minimize the likelihood of gallstones and gallbladder attacks.
  • Pregnancy after bariatric surgery: Patients should avoid becoming pregnant for 12-18 months after undergoing bariatric surgery to maximize weight loss and stabilize overall weight.
  • Excess/loose skin: Weight loss may result in excessive skin that can cause rashes and infections. Plastic surgery can be performed to remove excess skin, however, patients should check with their insurance carriers to determine if this is a covered benefit. Visit the Body Contouring page in our Plastic Surgery section  for more information.
  • Weight Regain: Studies have shown that it is normal for most people to regain a small amount of weight (5-10%) before stabilizing. Regular follow-up in our long-term clinic gives patients continued support to maintain weight loss.

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