Life Image Connected Sites

This information is for health care providers who are part of organizations that have an existing Life Image connection with Michigan Medicine to send patient images. To check if your health system or clinic site is already connected to Michigan Medicine to send images via Life Image, see the list below.

Site-specific Radiology contact phone numbers are listed under each site when you expand the link. Please contact your local radiology department to assist you with the image transfer if needed. Remember to notify a Michigan Medicine provider that images have been sent through Life Image to ensure that they will be visible in our system. 

If you are a patient who wants to upload your own images, or a health care provider whose organization does not have an existing Life Image connection with Michigan Medicine, follow the instructions for one-time image upload on our Upload Images page.

Connected Sites

Ascension Health (St. Mary’s, St. Joseph, Genesys)

Ascension St. Mary's (Saginaw)
Phone: 989-907-2210
Fax: 989-907-5689

Ascension St. Joseph (Tawas City)
Phone: 989-362-0170
Fax: 989-362-2311

Ascension Genesys (Grand Blanc)
Phone: 810-606-6800
Fax: 810-606-5220

Beaumont Health System

Beaumont Royal Oak:
Phone 248-551-3400
Fax 248-551-0374

Beaumont Troy Imaging Center:
Phone 248-964-8603
Fax 248-964-8640

Oakwood Healthcare (now part of Beaumont Health System)

Oakwood Imaging Center:
Phone 313-593-7281
Fax 313-436-2295

Oakwood Cardiology:
Phone 313-593-7975
Fax 313-593-8822

Basha Open MRI

Radiology Images
Phone 248-288-1600
Fas: 248-435-8099

Borgess Hospital (Kalamazoo)

To request images call 269-226-4832, 7:00 am - 3:30 pm M-F.

After hours is 269-226-6708.

Fax number is 269-226-7766

Echo Images/Studies To request echo images, a fax request is required.

Phone: 269-226-5271
Fax: 269-226-4959

Bronson Health

Bronson Radiology:
Phone 269-341-6381
Fax 269-341-6250

(All Radiology requests will be processed next business day unless stated STAT/Emergent)

Bronson Cardiovascular Services (Adult Echo):
Phone 269-341-6161
Fax 269-341-6291

Bronson Advanced Cardiac (Adult Echo):
Phone 269-373-1222
Fax 269-373-6270

Bronson Pediatric Cardiology:
Phone 269-341-7976
Fax 269-341-8984

Cameron Memorial Hospital

Phone: 260-667-5136
Fax: 260-665-7805

Bi-directional communication through Lifeimage

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Radiology Images
Phone: 513-636-6394, Option 9
Fax: 513-636-5409

Cleveland Clinic

Phone: 216-444-6606
Fax: 216-445-7598

Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (CHWC)

Bryan, OH
Radiology and Cardiology Images
Phone: 419-630-2105
Fax: 419-636-1770

Covenant Healthcare

Covenant Healthcare Radiology:
Phone 989-583-6272
Fax 989-583-7029

Covenant Healthcare Cardiology:
Phone 989-583-7150
Fax 989-583-7151

Dickinson County Health Care (Iron Mountain)

Iron Mountain, Michigan

Radiology Images
Phone: 906-776-5418
Fax: 906-776-5523

Escanaba Hospital

Radiology and Cardiology Images: 906-786-5707 prompt #2 and then ext 5345
Fax: 906-789-4489

Henry Ford (Allegiance Health)


Phone: 517-205-5902
After hours: 517-205-5456
Fax: 517-205-4985

Cardiology Images:
Phone: 517-205-4268
After hours fax 313-916-8986 (Henry Ford Main)
Fax: 517-205-7208

Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Main Imaging Center:
Phone: 313-916-1316
Fax 313-916-7760

Cardiology Images:
Phone: 313-732-5848
Fax: 313-916-8986

Hills & Dales Healthcare (Cass City)

Phone: 989-912-6235
Fax: 989-872-4372

Hillsdale Community Health Center

To request studies M-F 8:00 am-5:00 pm, contact Medical Records
Phone: 517-437-5175
Fax: 517-437-5343

To request studies at other hours, contact Medical Imaging at 517-437-5149, option 0

Holland Hospital

Holland Hospital Diagnostics Customer Service

Phone: 616-394-3191
Fax: 616-355-3831

Bi-directional communication through Lifeimage

Hurley Medical Center

Radiology and Cardiology Studies:

Phone: 810-262-7099
Fax: 810-262-6246

Lakeland Medical Center

St. Joseph, MI

Phone: 269-983-8293
Fax: 269-983-6965

Marquette General Hospital

Phone: 906-449-3174
Fax: 906-449-1957

Mayo Clinic

To request images and/or reports, contact 

Release of Information
Phone: 507-284-4594
Fax: 507-284-0161

McLaren Northern Michigan


Phone: 231-487-4182
Fax: 231-487-4192

Metro Health

Phone: 616-252-7159
Fax: 616-252-6963

McLaren Health Care Group
(Bay Regional, Central, Flint, Lansing, Lapeer, Macomb and Oakland)

McLaren-Bay Regional
Phone: 989-894-6505
Fax: 989-894-6143 or 989-891-0490

McLaren Central Michigan
Phone: 989-772-6734
Fax: 989-779-5282


Phone: 810-342-2209
Fax: 810-342-2100

Phone: 517-975-6382, option 4
Fax: 517-975-6362

Phone: 810-667-5744 to request images
Fax: 810-667-5741

McLaren Macomb
Phone: 586-493-8187
Fax: 586-493-8706

Phone: 248-338-5604
Fax: 248-338-5605

Mercy Health (Toledo)

Phone: 419-251-4155
Fax: 419-251-3870 or 419-725-6088

Michigan Heart

Cardiology Images Only

Phone: 734-712-5120
Fax: 734-712-5509

Michigan State University

Fax 517-432-4394

General Radiology (X-RAY/US):
Fax 517-432-2243

Women's Imaging:
Fax 517-884-0000

STAT requests:
Phone 517-353-4920

MidMichigan Health
(Alpena, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Midland, Mt. Pleasant, West Branch)

Contact information is for both Radiology and Cardiology studies.

Phone: 989-839-3319 selection 2
Fax 989-488-5893

Radiology (Emergent Cases)
Phone: (989) 839-3442

MRI of Michigan

Phone: 248-299-8000
Bi-directional communication through Lifeimage
Fax: 248-299-8005

Muskegon Mercy Health

Mercy Campus:

Monday - Friday: 6:30 am to 8:30 pm
Sat, Sun and Holidays: 7:45 am - 5:15 pm
Phone: 231-672-3955
Fax (please send reports): 231-672-6716

After Hours Help:
Mercy Campus CT
Phone: 231-672-6702 

Munson Healthcare
(Charlevoix, Kalkaska, Cadillac, Grayling, Munson, Northwest Surgery Center, Ostego, Paul Oliver Memorial, Smith Family Breast Health Center, West Shore Medical Center)


Charlevoix Area Hospital, Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Mercy Hospital Cadillac, Mercy Hospital Grayling, Munson Community Health Center, Munson Medical Center, Northwest Michigan Surgery Center, Otsego Memorial Hospital, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, Smith Family Breast Health Center, West Shore Medical Center

Phone: 231-935-6400 option 3
Fax: 231-935-3204
Cardiology Images: 231-935-5783

Gaylord (Ostego)
Phone: 989-731-2175
Fax: 989-731-2479

Munising Hospital

For Radiology and Echo images, call 906-387-4110 Ext. #128 (must hit # in extension to get correct connection).
Fax: 906-387-4553

Available Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. After hours leave a message for images to be pushed.

ProMedica Health System
(Bay Park, Bixby, Coldwater, Defiance, Flower, Fostoria, Herrick, Monroe Mercy, Toledo Hospitals)

Phone: 419-291-3326 (alternate: 419-291-4438)
Fax: 419-479-6933

Monroe Mercy Memorial
Phone: 734-240-5600
Fax: 734-249-5609

Regional Medical Imaging (MRI)


Phone: 810-732-1846
Fax: 810-732-8959

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System
(Ann Arbor, Brighton, Canton, Livingston, Saline, Chelsea, Livonia)


St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, St. Joseph Mercy Brighton, St. Joseph Mercy Canton, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston, St. Joseph Mercy Saline, Chelsea Community Hospital, St. Mary Mercy Livonia

Phone (M-F, 7a-4p): 734-712-3567
After hours/weekends: 734-712-7237
Fax: 734-712-3053

St. Luke's Hospital

Phone: 419-891-8094 option 4 or 419-893-7728
Fax: 419-891-8017

Saint Mary Mercy Grand Rapids

Phone: 616-685-5353
Fax: 616-685-6856

Phone: 616-685-5907
Fax: 616-685-8993

Sparrow Hospital

Radiology Images
Phone: 517-364-2316
Fax: 517-364-3775

Sturgis Hospital

Phone: 269-659-4461

Spectrum Health System

Spectrum Health Cardiology Imaging Center: Phone 616-391-1852
Fax 616-391-2299

Spectrum Health Radiology Imaging Center: 

Phone 616-391-1812
Fax 616-391-1127

War Memorial Hospital (Sault Ste. Marie)

Request images:

Phone: 906-635-4439
Fax: 906-253-1383