Prenatal Evaluation

The University of Michigan Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center provides fetal ultrasound, prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis for pregnant women. For those women whose babies are diagnosed prenatally with specific conditions that may require specialized care, we offer comprehensive fetal services, utilizing the latest technological advances in diagnostics, minimally invasive surgeries and open surgeries.  

The Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center provides many services, including:

Our staff is committed to providing patients with as much information as possible about their pregnancies. During visits, patients view their ultrasounds on large-screen monitors. Each ultrasound examination is reviewed by a physician with training in maternal-fetal medicine, a division of obstetrics and gynecology whose focus is the health of both the mother and her unborn baby.

We offer a variety of screening options for patients who would like to get more information about the risks for particular conditions in their pregnancy. Screening tests are non-invasive methods of evaluating pregnancies. Each test has its own detection rates and false-positive rates. Some patients may prefer to begin with a screening test and use those results to decide whether or not they would like to proceed to diagnostic testing.

Our patients have access to genetic counselors who work with women for a variety of reasons, including those who are of advanced maternal age (women who will be 35 years old or more at the time of delivery), those who have abnormal screening results, risk of genetic disease due to family history, personal history or ethnic background, and abnormal ultrasound findings. Genetic counselors discuss patients’ family and personal history, explain information regarding heredity and genetics, discuss the likelihood of a range of reproductive outcomes, and review the risks and benefits of a variety of testing and/or treatment options, in addition to explaining test results and ultrasound findings.

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Equipped to Do What Others Can’t

It’s not just the size of our program – over 11,000 ultrasounds performed annually – that make us the leaders in maternal-fetal medicine. It’s the extent of our experience that allows us to provide comprehensive evaluation and exemplary care. From routine prenatal evaluation to complex prenatal management of congenital conditions, we have experience with prenatal diagnosis and care of congenital defects that few other centers around the country can carry out, such as in-utero fetal heart surgery and in-utero fetal blood transfusions.

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