Travel Health Services

The Travel Health Services clinic is open as of August 15, 2022. Please note that our policies have changed.

From immunizations and malaria prevention to food safety, it is very important that you prepare yourself to stay healthy while traveling abroad. Our staff will assist you with the latest information concerning health risks and vaccine requirements specific to travel destinations around the world.


As of 12/1/22, Michigan Medicine Travel Health Services are available only to Michigan Medicine employees who are traveling for Michigan Medicine business related purposes. Examples of business related travel might include giving a lecture at an institution overseas, performing a research project in a foreign country, or travel related to philanthropy for Michigan Medicine. Travel Health services for leisure travel such as for a family vacation is not available at Michigan Medicine.

If you are a Michigan Medicine employee traveling for business and would like to access Travel Health Services, you will need an active MyUofMHealth patient portal account to communicate with our team and receive educational materials. Click here for more details or to sign up.

If you are interested in accessing travel advice for leisure travel, the Washtenaw County Health Department maintains a list of local resources that provide travel vaccinations, including  Passport Health in Ann Arbor.

What we offer

We provide the following vaccines for travel:

  • Vaccine injections for Japanese encephalitis, Meningococcus (Menactra ®), Poliovirus, Rabies, and Typhoid
  • Vaccine administration for oral Cholera (Vaxhora®)
  • Vaccine prescription for oral Typhoid (Vitovif®)
  • Medication prescriptions to help prevent malaria, Traveler’s diarrhea, motion sickness, altitude sickness, and other travel-related concerns.

Vaccines and prescriptions for the following are not available:

  • Yellow fever vaccine. Contact an alternate travel health clinic (listed below) to obtain this vaccine which is required for entry into some countries.
  • Routine vaccines: MMR, Hepatitis A/B, TD/TdAP, pneumococcal, chicken pox. Contact your primary care physician or local pharmacy to ask for these routine health maintenance vaccines if you are not up to date.

Payment for services

We will tell you which vaccines you can expect to receive at your visit. The estimated costs are listed below.

If your insurance is in-network, we will bill your insurance directly. You may be responsible for out of pocket copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and any amounts that are not covered benefits, as determined by your plan. You should to call your insurance company before your visit to verify benefits and out of pocket costs.

If your insurance is out of network, you will be expected to pay the total cost of your vaccines when you arrive to your clinic appointment. We will give you an estimated cost before your visit.

Insurance Code Travel Immunizations # doses needed Cost per Dose1 Cost per series
90738 Japanese Encephalitis 2 $592 $1,184
90734 Meningitis - Menactra  1 $293 NA
90713 Poliovirus Varies $127 Varies
90675 Rabies 3 $700 $2,100
90691 Typhoid (injection) 1 $240 NA
90625 Cholera (oral) 1 $585 NA
1 Cost includes $65 injection administration fee.  When more than one vaccine is administered on the same date of service, then fee for additional administration is $35.  

Prepare for your appointment

  • Step 1: Call us at 734-647-5899 or 888-229-7409 to confirm eligibility at least 6-8 weeks before departure, as all immunizations take two weeks to reach optimum effectiveness, and some are given in series.
  • Step 2: Complete the Travel Health Questionnaire, which you will receive in your patient portal account after you contact us.You will need to provide our nurses with the exact locations and dates of your planned travel.
  • Step 3: Our clinic nurses will send a message with information about the vaccines that are recommended. If you wish to schedule an appointment, call us at 734-647-5899 or 888-229-7409. Appointments are available Monday – Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.
  • On the day of your clinic visit, you will receive your vaccinations with a medical assistant or nurse. There will not be a nurse routinely present at your visit unless you have questions.
  • If your insurance does not participate with Michigan Medicine, you will be expected to pay the total cost of your vaccines when you arrive.   

What to expect at your appointment

After you return from traveling

Returning travelers who develop travel related infections abroad are encouraged to contact our clinic for diagnosis and treatment. The Travel Health Service works with the Michigan Medicine Infectious Diseases Clinic, which is staffed by certified subspecialists with training in geographic medicine.

Other local travel medicine providers:

  • The Washtenaw County Health Department maintains a list of local resources that provide travel vaccinations, including Passport Health in Ann Arbor.
  • Pharmacies including CVS, Walgreen's, and Ann Arbor Pharmacy provide some travel services and vaccines. They may not have all vaccines available, and cannot prescribe medications.
  • Your primary care physician office can provide routine vaccines and prescriptions, but may not be able to offer you the specialty travel vaccines listed above.
  • University Health Service (UHS) is currently providing Yellow Fever vaccine to University of Michigan employees.  


For more information on travel recommendations for your destination, refer to CDC Travelers’ Health and CDC Travel and Covid-19.

To make an appointment

Call 734-647-5899 or 888-229-7409.