Do I Need Sinus Surgery

Each year about 250,000 – 300,000 people have sinus surgery performed to treat nose and sinus complaints.  While there is a considerable amount of literature available about appropriate indications for sinus surgery, there is still substantial variation from one surgeon to the next about which types of symptoms and CT scan findings warrant a recommendation for sinus surgery.

Our Michigan Medicine rhinologists will take an extensive history of nose, sinus, head and throat complaints, examine you, and order radiology studies (if necessary) to determine which medical or surgical treatment might be most appropriate in your case.

Often times it is very helpful for patients to have some background information about sinusitis and sinus surgery.  With that in mind, Dr. Jeffrey Terrell has created two videos.  If you have time, we recommend watching both videos before your visit. 

Ten Reasons to have Sinus Surgery


Ten Reasons to NOT have Sinus Surgery