Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Our goal for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to be the first place you will want to call for any question relating to pain, dysfunction or disability.  Many of the nation's most well-known and accomplished rehabilitation professionals manage and staff our programs. We have designed innovative clinical programs to help individuals with disabilities become healthier, stronger and more independent. Find information about our Spine Program, which helps people with pain get moving again. Overall, our cutting-edge research seeks to understand the "hows" and "whys" of pain, injury, disability and overall human performance – and to discover new therapies and approaches to improve function and quality of life. Our staff, programs and research work together to help make the Michigan Difference for all of our patients.

Contact Us / Make an Appointment

Depending on your condition, call center staff can help you make an appointment as a new patient. Our Musculoskeletal Patient Care Representatives are here to help. Visit our Contact Us page.