Care After Sexual Assault

Free – Confidential – Available 24/7

Welcome to the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) program at University of Michigan Health, where our team of advanced-practice nurses, social workers, and volunteers work together to provide comprehensive care after recent sexual assault. 

Sexual assault affects people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations and genders. We welcome anyone who has been sexually assaulted within the past five days for respectful and sensitive care. If more than five days have passed since your assault, please see the resources in the FAQs below.

Different people have different needs after sexual assault. Our team is here to meet with you and explain options for your care. You may choose which services you would like to receive. 

Our Services

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Prevention of pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) 

Our team will gather information about what you remember or know about what occurred and, based on that, discuss your personal possibility of pregnancy and/or common and rare STIs. If you are at risk for any of these conditions, we offer preventative medications to help stop them from developing and review the recommendations and options for follow-up testing. 

Treatment for pain or injury

If you are having pain, bleeding, or other physical concerns, our team is here to evaluate your injuries and provide care. 

Collection of evidence

Survivors of sexual assault may want to seek justice and press charges against the perpetrator of the assault. Others may benefit from a personal protection order. It is common to be unsure about your legal needs and interests shortly after assault occurs. Our team can review options for legal help. We also can collect evidence of the assault such as photographs; swabs of areas that may have traces of perpetrator DNA; testing for drugs or alcohol used to facilitate the assault; and a statement of what occurred. This information may be released to a police department immediately or stored confidentially in our hospital for up to one year. This will allow you time to think about whether you would like to release the information. 

Referral for support, counseling, legal advocacy or follow-up care

Care for sexual assault extends far beyond the initial urgent exam. Many survivors benefit from meeting with others who have had a similar experience, whether it be in support groups or with a mentor. Others benefit from medication or therapy to prevent or treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, depression or risk for suicide. Some people working with the legal system will need help to understand their options as well as companionship and guidance through the various stages of investigation and prosecution. Medical follow-up is recommended for all survivors of sexual assault to test for pregnancy and STIs and to evaluate mental health and support. Our SANE team will work with survivors and/or their family and friends to plan for where and when to start these follow-up services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my privacy be protected?
All details recorded during a SANE exam are documented in a secure program separate from U-M Health medical records. They will not be accessible to other health care providers. In addition, there is an option to have these services paid for through a confidential program so that your insurance company is not notified of your exam. 

Can I get a “rape kit?”
Yes. The evidence we offer to collect is stored in a kit sometimes referred to as a “rape kit.”

What if I’m not sure if it was a sexual assault?
No problem. Sometimes, people cannot remember everything that happened and are unsure if a sexual assault occurred. Others have had experiences that are confusing and they are not sure if what happened is officially a sexual assault. We are happy to meet with anyone who has concerns related to a sexual encounter or is worried a sexual assault may have occurred. We will answer your questions and decide together what steps to take next. 

What is the cost?
There is no cost to you for the exam or medications we give you to prevent pregnancy and/or STIs. We will either bill your insurance or a confidential service through the state of Michigan to cover these costs. There will not be a co-pay or charges against your deductible if insurance is billed. Costs may apply to treatment for injuries or for outpatient medications filled by a pharmacy. Our billing department will work with you on any financial concerns.

Do I have to report the sexual assault to the police? 
No, you personally do not need to report the sexual assault to the police. However, members of the SANE team must report sexual assaults in the following situations: If harm occurred to anyone under the age of 18 or if we suspect abuse or exploitation of a vulnerable adult, such as an elder or a person with a disability. In these cases, an involuntary investigation may be opened. We also need to report the sexual assault if it was the result of a recent act of violence causing injury. In this case, however, the report would only be made so that the police department can offer you the opportunity for an optional investigation if you want one. 

What if it has been more than five days since my sexual assault? 
If more than five days have passed since your sexual assault, please call The Safe House Center at 734 973-0242 or visit They can provide you with health advice, support group information, counseling or legal assistance. You also may go to your county health department or Planned Parenthood for pregnancy and STI testing or to see a health care provider. If you would like to be seen here at a U-M Health outpatient clinic, please call the obstetrics and gynecology team at 734-763-6295, or your primary care provider, to make an appointment. Our team of health care providers and social workers are happy to help you.