Breast Pump Rooms

There are several rooms available in C.S. Mott Children's Hospital to pump breast milk for your baby.

If you are not providing your own electric pump, you will need an Ameda Egnell Double pump kit  to attach to the electric pump in the room.

In addition to your pump kit, you will need to provide bottles or some other suitable storage container for your milk. There are no milk storage spaces in any of these pump rooms.

Breast Pump Room Locations in Mott Children's Hospital

  • Level 8 - Room 8-703
  • Level 9 - Room 9-745
  • Level 10 - Room 10-351
  • Level 11 - Room 11-237
  • Level 12 - Room 12-355

Questions? Call our Lactation Consultants at 1-844-200-8894.