Blake Mark Lancaster PhD

Assistant Professor
Clinical Interests:

Pediatric sleep problems, toileting issues, eating difficulties, ADHD assessment and treatment, academic problems, general pediatric behavior problems, compliance issues, child & adolescent anxiety and depression


U of M Pediatric Behavior Development

Brighton Health Center
8001 Challis Rd

U of M Pediatric Psychology

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital 5th Floor Reception B
1540 E Medical Center Dr SPC 5808
Ann Arbor


Medical School or Training

  • Western Michigan University, 2006


My research focuses on developing methods to best address commonly presenting behavioral health concerns in children.  Currently, I am in the process of developing multi-site cost offset and return on investment studies to support the dissemination of the integrated behavioral health model I practice in my clinical work.  I am also interested in developing a group of studies concerned with the management of behavioral health concerns in children who come to their physician for a wellness visit (i.e., they are not sick).  I am interested in the frequency with which these concerns are identified in wellness visits, and how they are addressed by physicians, and I am looking to explore how to best train physicians to manage some of the top behavioral health concerns that present in these situations.  Lastly, I am interested in conducting applied research projects that utilize state-of-the-art technologies (internet, texting, webcasts, podcasts and/or email) to enhance the quality and efficacy of behavioral health techniques. My interest in this area centers on improving parent consultation techniques, improving adherence and maximizing communication between providers and patients.


My name is Blake Lancaster and I am a Licensed Psychologist and a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Child Behavioral Health at the University of Michigan Health System.  I received my Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology from Western Michigan University, and completed my internship and post-doctoral training at the Munroe-Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska where I also served as a junior faculty member from 2008 through 2012.  My clinical practice focuses on providing behavioral health services in primary care pediatric settings using the integrated behavioral health co-location model.  This integrated approach allows for delivery of empirically-based treatments for a wide variety of behavioral health concerns that arise in primary care pediatric settings (e.g., sleep problems, toileting issues, ADHD problems, anxiety, depression and general behavior problems).   

Additional credential information:

Ph.D. from Western Michigan in Child Clinical Psychology and fully licensed Psychologist in the State of Michigan.