Program Options

Three Options for Your Convenience

Our Executive Health Program was created your convenience, whether you are a current or retired executive or other busy professional who may be concerned about developing heart disease. It is an excellent choice for those who value their time and their health, and want an efficient, comprehensive and high-quality cardiovascular assessment in a half-day, one-day, or 1½-day format.

Half-Day Program

This half-day program includes a morning of diagnostic testing, including laboratory tests for cardiovascular risk factors, CT scan and carotid ultrasound, followed by a comprehensive exam and consultation with a cardiologist and ultimately an individualized action plan. 

One-Day Program – Our Most Popular Choice

This is a full day of assessment including exercise, stress management and nutrition consultations, culminating in a comprehensive exam and discussion with a cardiologist to interpret  test results and develop a plan to stop or prevent heart disease. 

In addition to the tests included in the half-day program, extensive laboratory studies, an exercise stress test with EKG and measurement of maximal oxygen consumption (max VO2) are included. The emphasis is on assessment and lifestyle enhancement.  Participants will leave with test results and a comprehensive health report and recommendations.

Day-and-a-Half Program

This is the most extensive of our executive health programs, with greater emphasis on supporting lifestyle improvements.  Participants receive various additional amenities, including a therapeutic massage during the initial visit.  In this program the consultations are more extensive.

Program Costs and Amenities

Please contact us at 734-998-4906 for pricing information. Costs for these programs are typically paid for by our clients.

Whatever program you select, we will customize it around you and your schedule. Included in the program:

  • Private Executive Suite
  • Catered Meals
  • Expedited Test Results
  • Hotel and Transportation Resources
  • U-M Cardiovascular Executive Health Golf Jacket
  • Coordinated Follow-Up Care
  • Expansive UMHS Referral Network


Contact Us

For more information about the University of Michigan Executive Health Program, call us at 734-998-4906 or email our program manager.