U-M GI Procedures Prep App

Are you scheduled for a GI procedure?

U-M GI Procedure Prep App

All GI procedures require a prep to clean your colon. The more thoroughly the colon is cleaned out beforehand the easier it is for your doctor to detect and remove potentially dangerous precancerous polyps. There are different types of preps and each one has multiple steps you need to successfully complete.

To assist you in successfully completing you GI prep, U-M Digestive and Liver Health offers the U-M GI Procedure Prep App for your mobile device. By downloading our FREE App and entering some basic information you will receive timed alerts to remind you about each step during your preparation.  You will also get information, advice and illustrations to help you along the way. If you are still unsure, you can watch the video associated with the prep prescribed for you.

The U-M GI Procedure Prep App provides:

  • Step-by-step procedure preparation instruction with automated remainders to assist you in accurately preparing for your procedure.
  • Videos describing each preparation for enhanced understanding.
  • Physician directory including photos of each physician and the phone number.
  • Location Locator featuring interactive maps with driving directions.

Downloading the App

Download the U-M GI Procedures Prep App to your smartphone. You save money if you set your device to WiFi instead of using the data service offered by your mobile service provider. You find this option in your device setting.

Our App is FREE but you need a Gmail or ITunes account to complete the download. You must create the account before you download the App.

For Android Users:

You need a Gmail account to complete the download

  1. Access GooglePlay from your Playstore icon.
  2. Search by selecting the magnifying glass and type in U-M GI Procedures Prep App. Press “enter” to start the search.
  3. Our App should appear as the result of your search. It should say Free in the lower right corner of the description box.
  4. Select our App.
  5. You will be taken to a new screen verifying your selection.  Tap “Install”.
  6. It will ask you to enter your Gmail account information.
  7. It will ask you again to verify you have the App you wanted. Tap “Accept and Install”.
  8. The download will begin.

For iPhone Users

You need an iTunes account to complete the download.  Create the account with your computer.

  1. Locate the App Store icon and tap it.
  2. Select the Search button at the bottom left of the screen to search for U-M GI Procedures Prep App.
  3. Type in U-M GI Procedures Prep App.  App Store will provide suggested matches as you are typing.  Either select our App or continue typing the full name to find it.
  4. Tap on our App to select it.
  5. Tap on the Free button.
  6. Enter you iTunes password and tap OK to start the download.


Scheduled Alerts

Setting up the U-M GI Procedures Prep App is easy. Select the procedure your physician has recommended. Then select the prep your physician has prescribed for you. You will be prompted to set your schedule. Enter in the requested information and the App will do the rest. You will receive an alert for each action required in the prep. The alert will occur when it is time to complete that action. Each alert will appear on your home screen for a short period of time. Access your phone’s calendar to view the alerts again.

The rest is up to you. Follow the instructions and you will have done your part in assuring a successful and through procedure.

The U-M GI Procedures Prep App is meant to be used by patients scheduled for a procedure and under the care of a physician at the University of Michigan Health System. If you are not a UMHS patient, our App might not apply to your specific health needs. Please follow the procedure prep instructions provided to you by your treating physician.

Contact Us:

For more information about the App or your procedure call 1-877-758-2626 or 1-734-936-9250.