A nuclear threat to heart patients? U-M experts show impact from shortage of radioactive stress test tracer

Nearly 15 million times a year, Americans with heart trouble climb onto a treadmill to take a stress test that can reveal blockages in their heart’s blood vessels. It’s a major factor in deciding what doctors should do next for them. But in October, many such patients may not be able to get the best possible test, due to a looming shortage of a crucial short-lived radioactive element

Hundreds of Southeast Michigan tweens needed to help U-M scientists explore the developing brain

Parents of tweens and teens often wish they could peer inside their child’s brain, to figure out what makes them tick or what’s troubling them. so do scientists who are trying to understand the human brain, and how it develops.  Now, a new national study will try to do just that. U-M researchers are seeking hundreds of young people from Southeast Michigan to help.

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